Hot Diet Trends April 2013

Hot Diet Trends April 2013

Biggest searching Diet Trends in gooogle for April 20
Has Paleo peaked. Is eveyone over it already or is it just to break before another push on. Palo diet is in rising steadily, is it time for something new or is this just a pause between the next push.

Top 10 Google Diet Searches By the World

Paleo Diet 673,000
xenical 550,000
HCG Diet 450,000
Atkins Diet 450,000
Acai Berry Diet 368,000

African Mango Diet 368,000
South Beach Diet 301,000
Slim Fast 246,000
Mediterranean Diet 201,000
DASH Diet 110,000
Raw Food Diet 110,000
Zone Diet 60,500

Out and gone African Mango. Reaching its peak in January 2012 the African Mango Diet lost gone and buriend. Still on this if it works for you great. For everyone else this is last years news. Weight Watchers. While not in the stats above, comes in at 7,480,000. That is a whole lot of people still thinking about weight watchers

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